Dashboards APIs

Dashboard APIs

Sysdig provides REST APIs to perform CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations with Dashboards. Both admin and non-admin users can use these APIs hosted on Swagger to create, update, list, read, and delete Dashboards. See https://app.sysdigcloud.com/api/public/docs/index.html#tag/Dashboard-V3 for the API documentation. Replace app.sysdigcloud.com with the URL associated with your region to access the API endpoints and documentation in your region.

For information on Sysdig users and system-based privileges, see User and Team Administration.

Migrate Dashboards from V2 to V3

To convert a dashboard in V2 to V3, you can use the convertV2ToV3 API.

To convert Dashboad widgets in V2 to Dashboard V3 panels, you can use the convertWidgetsToPanels API. Replace app.sysdig.com with the URL associated with your region.