Sysdig API

Sysdig provides REST APIs that enable you to programmatically access and manage Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Secure, and Sysdig Platform.

API Documentation Status

Sysdig is actively working on improving the Sysdig API and the API documentation. Currently, there are two versions of the documentation available:

  • Next Gen Sysdig API docs—This includes new API versions standarized for both Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure.
  • Current Sysdig API docs— You can still use the current APIs until all the new API versions are introduced. On-prem users only have access to the current API docs at this time.

Getting Started


To use the APIs, you must authenticate with one of the following authentication options:

  • Team-Based Service Account
  • Global Service Account
  • Sysdig API token (user-based)

To use any of the methods, set an Authorization header and provide a Bearer token:

Authorization: Bearer { team-based service account | global service account | api token }

Obtain the Sysdig API Token

See Retrieve the Sysdig API Token for instructions on retrieving the API token.

Obtain the Service Account

See Service Accounts for instructions on retrieving the Team-Based Service Account.


The API documentation provides the permissions required to access a specific endpoint. Available permissions depend on the selected role. Not all permissions or roles are available for Team-Based Service Accounts because they are based on User (non-admin) roles.

See Understand Sysdig Users for more information.


API access is over HTTPS. Data is sent and received primarily in JSON format.

HTTP PUT Request Method Convention

Ensure that you provide all fields in the endpoint when using the PUT method, unless otherwise specified in the API endpoint documentation.

Perform the HTTP GET request first to obtain the contents before making any changes.

See the endpoint documentation before using HTTP PUT method.

Access the Documentation

On-Prem vs SaaS Versions

You must be logged in to the Sysdig product to access the documentation links.

  • SaaS: Both “current” and “next gen” versions are available.
  • On-Prem: Only the “current” version is available.

Access from the Sysdig UI

  1. Log in to either Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure and click the User menu at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

  2. Look for the group labeled Help, where you will find two entries:

    • Next Gen API Docs - Updated and standardized Sysdig API documentation
    • Current API Docs - Current Sysdig API documentation

Access Next Gen API Docs Using Regional Endpoints


Access Current API Docs Using Regional Endpoints


For more information on Sysdig SaaS regions, see SaaS Regions and IP Ranges.