Developer Tools

Sysdig provides a set of tools to programmatically manage Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure. This includes Sysdig Python Software Development Kit, Platform CLI, and REST APIs to conveniently automate configuration through scripts.

Sysdig API

Sysdig provides a Sysdig API that enables you to programmatically access and manage Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Secure, and Sysdig Platform

Terraform Provider

Sysdig provides a Terraform Provider to expose and use some of the most common Sysdig API functions.

Sysdig Software Development Kit

Sysdig provides a Sysdig Python SDK and a CLI tool to extend and automate the functions of the Sysdig Monitor and Secure capabilities. The Sysdig Platform CLI (sdc-cli) is a unified tool implemented using Sysdig Python SDK to manage Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure using your terminal.

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