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Updated API Docs

Sysdig is continuously refining the list of supported and documented APIs for both Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor.

Access from within the Product

From Sysdig Secure, you can access the Secure API docs from your User panel:

  1. Log in to Sysdig Secure.

  2. Select the User button at the bottom left and choose Help|API Documentation.

Access by URL per Region

Monitor and Secure Doc URLs, by region:






Additional Developer Docs

Sysdig provides some REST APIs and a Python Script Library to extend the functions of the Sysdig Monitor and Secure capabilities over a public API. Sysdig also provides a basic CLI for both products.

Topics in This Section
Sysdig Python Client

Terraform Provider

Sysdig CLI for Sysdig Monitor and Secure

Sysdig REST API Conventions

Group Mapping Settings API

Group Mapping Settings API allows you to programmatically configure Group Mapping behavior upon receiving the group information from the IdP.

Managing Access Keys

The Access Key is a token that you must configure on Sysdig Agents to successfully forward data from your environment to the Sysdig backend. If the access key is compromised or you have a policy to renew it, you can generate a new access key and disable the old one. You can also define additional attributes (limits, reservations, team assignment, metadata) for each Acces Key.

[BETA] Auditing Sysdig Platform Activities

User Provisioning API

Working with Alert APIs

Working with Dashboards

Working with the Data API