Submit a Support Ticket

It is important to provide Sysdig Support with relevant information about your system.This page offers guidance in creating a detailed Support ticket.

Specify Ticket Details

Add details in the Description box. See below for tips on what to enter:

Operating System:


Agent Version:

Company Name:

Operating System

Review Host Requirements for Agent Installation to confirm that your operating system is supported.

Submitting the output of uname -a and lsb_release -a will help Sysdig support determine if the kernel is supported.

If you have a custom kernel and the kernel development headers are not available, you will not be able to install our agent.

Also note if the Linux distribution used inside your application’s container is not the same as the host.

lsb_release is part of a software package called the LSB core, which is not necessarily installed on your system by default. If it is not installed, see

Orchestrator Details

When using the Sysdig agent in an orchestration infrastructure, such (Kubernetes, GKE, etc., submit the details of how the the infrastructure was installed.

For example:

  • Which Kubernetes version

  • The cloud provider being run under (AWS, GKE, etc.)

  • The number of nodes

  • The authentication method configured for the API server

Agent Version

To verify which agent version you are running, either:

  • On the product UI, see Select Integrations > Data Sources > Sysdig Agent.

  • Use the following command:

    Non-container agent:

    /opt/draios/bin/dragent --version

    Container agent:

    ~$ sudo docker exec -it <container_id> /opt/draios/bin/dragent --version

Known issues may be resolved by upgrading to the latest agent version.

Upload Files

If basic ticket information is insufficient to resolve the issue, a Sysdig support engineer may ask you to upload additional log files or support bundles.

The following sections describe how to collect and deliver them to Sysdig support.

File Uploading Tips

  • Attach files rather than cutting/pasting logs or configuration files into the email body. Important formatting will be preserved.

  • Compress large files before attaching. Files over 20MB will require Sysdig support to supply you with a download link.

  • Include the host name the files came from.