Upgrade an On-Premises License

On-premises environments may require a license upgrade to renew, extend an expiration date, enable new features, add a service (Sysdig Secure), or change the number of licensed agents.

For Kubernetes On-Prem Installations

As described in the Kubernetes installation instructions, the license file is simply entered as one of many configuration user settings in the ConfigMap (config.yaml) (manual install) or values.yaml (installer-based).

The relevant parameter is:

 # Required: Sysdig Cloud license
  sysdigcloud.license: ""

To apply the new license, update the yaml file with the new license and then restart all Sysdig API, Worker, and Collector pods.

Note If you are using Sysdig backend version 5.0.x that syncs the vulnerability feeds database from the internet, restart the following pods: anchore-api, anchore-catalog, anchore-core, and anchore-policy-engine


kubectl rollout restart deployment \
sysdigcloud-api \
sysdigcloud-collector \
sysdigcloud-worker \
sysdigcloud-anchore-core \
sysdigcloud-anchore-policy-engine \
sysdigcloud-anchore-api \
sysdigcloud-anchore-catalog \
-n sysdigcloud

For Replicated On-Prem Installations

Upgrade an Airgapped License

If you are running an airgapped environment, you must download the license file to a local directory, then follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Replicated Management Console and choose Console Settings from the gear icon drop-down menu.

    Review the current airgapped settings and note the pathname to the license file.

    If you followed the Airgapped Installation instructions, your current .rli license file will be in the/var/tmp/sysdig directory as shown below.

    (The name of your .rli file will vary.)

  2. From the Linux shell, cd to the directory shown as the Update Path and replace your prior RLI license file with the new one, saving the prior one to a backup filename.

    NOTE: the new license file may have a different name than the prior one, and may have a non-RLI extension if it was sent to you as an email attachment (to avoid being removed by firewalls).

    The steps below are an example of renaming the license as necessary for the environment shown above (your filenames will vary).

    /var/tmp/sysdig# mv my-replicated-license.rli prior-replicated-license-1.rli
    /var/tmp/sysdig# mv newer-license.allow my-replicated-license.rli
  3. Continue in the Replicated Management Console to sync the license and restart the Sysdig application, as described in the non-airgapped instructions below.

Upgrade a Non-Airgapped License

If your environment can access the Internet, upgrading the license is a simple sync and restart.

  1. Log in to the Replicated Management Console.

  2. Select View License from the Gear drop-down menu.

  3. Click Sync License.

  4. For license terms to take effect, restart the Sysdig application from the Replicated Management Console.

    Navigate to the Dashboard on the pull-down menu and click theStop Nowbutton, followed by theStart Nowbutton.