Upgrade an On-Premises License

On-premises environments may require a license upgrade to renew, extend an expiration date, enable new features, add a service (Sysdig Secure), or change the number of licensed agents.

For Kubernetes On-Prem Installations

As described in the Kubernetes installation instructions, the license file is simply entered as one of many configuration user settings in the ConfigMap (config.yaml) (manual install) or values.yaml (installer-based).

The relevant parameter is:

 # Required: Sysdig Cloud license
  sysdigcloud.license: ""

To apply the new license, update the yaml file with the new license and then restart all Sysdig API, Worker, and Collector pods.

Note If you are using Sysdig backend version 5.0.x that syncs the vulnerability feeds database from the internet, restart the following pods: anchore-api, anchore-catalog, anchore-core, and anchore-policy-engine


kubectl rollout restart deployment \
sysdigcloud-api \
sysdigcloud-collector \
sysdigcloud-worker \
sysdigcloud-anchore-core \
sysdigcloud-anchore-policy-engine \
sysdigcloud-anchore-api \
sysdigcloud-anchore-catalog \
-n sysdigcloud