Airgapped Installation

Sysdig will deprecate support for Replicated installs in the coming months. If you are a new customer considering installing with Replicated, please contact Sysdig support.

To install the Sysdig platform on-premises, in an environment that has no inbound or outbound paths available to internet traffic, you must use the Replicated GUI-based installation option. No script-based option is currently available.

Perform the following steps to download the required Sysdig installation files, the Replicated components, and the Sysdig license file, and save them to a repository on your airgapped server. Then perform the setup steps in the Replicated Management Console, as described below.


A server instance with Docker version 1.7.1 or later installed is required prior to installation.

The Replicated .airgap installation script does not install docker-engine. Sysdig recommends using the latest version of Docker available for the server operating system.

For more information on installing Docker in an airgapped environment, refer to the Installing Docker in an Airgapped Environment documentation.


Download Components to a Repository

  1. Download the latest Sysdig installation files using the links provided by the Sysdig Sales Engineer:

    • The Sysdig platform application .airgap package

    • The Sysdig application license file (.rli)

    • (Optional) The Sysdig Agent Docker image

  2. Download the latest Replicated installation file from:

  3. Copy all downloaded files to a designated location on your airgapped server. For example:


    (Note this path to be used when you complete the Install Components (Replicated).)

  4. Open a command shell on the airgapped server and extract the replicated.tar.gz file:

    sudo tar xzvf replicated.tar.gz

Install and Set Up Replicated Management Infrastructure

  1. Run the following command to install the Replicated infrastructure manager:

    sudo cat ./ | sudo bash -s airgap

  2. In a browser, navigate to the Replicated Management Console: https://server_address:8800 (Replace server_address with the server name/IP address.)

  3. Accept the default self-signed certificate, or provide a custom one, and click Continue.

  4. On the next screen, once the “preflight” checks have been resolved, select the Airgapped option, and click Continue.

  5. Upload the .rli license file.

  6. Provide a path to the Sysdig application .airgap file.

Should you need to upgrade an airgapped license at a future time, see Upgrade an On-Premises License. For general license information, see Subscription.

Complete the Installation Steps

Continue with “Setting the Replication Management Password” and the rest of the installation steps in Install Components (Replicated).