Install with Replicated

Sysdig will deprecate support for Replicated installs in the coming months. If you are a new customer considering installing with Replicated, please contact Sysdig support.

Understand the Choice Points

When planning an on-premises installation, the following choice points must be decided upon.

  1. Infrastructure Managers: To install Sysdig on-premises, administrators choose one of two infrastructure managers:

    • Kubernetes (see Installer (Kubernetes | OpenShift), or

    • Replicated: an easy-to-use orchestrator that includes a GUI management tool.

      This guide describes how to install the Replicated client and use it to install and manage the Sysdig platform.

  2. Single-Host or Multi-Host Install: For test or proof-of-concept installations, a single-host install will include all components; for production, a distributed environment is needed.

  3. Airgapped or non-airgapped environment:

    If your environment is accessible to the Internet during the install process, then the installation options include both script-based or GUI-based.

    In airgapped environments (no Internet access), you must download components into your airgapped repository, and can only use the GUI-based installation.

    See Airgapped Installation.

  4. Where to put the Replicated Management Console: When installing on-premises using Replicated as the orchestrator, the following Replicated components will be installed on your system:

    • Replicated UI (on a host you designate to host the Replicated Management Console)

    • Replicated retraced containers that handle logging (on the Management Console host only)

    • Replicated operator component (will go on all hosts)

In a multi-host installation, one server will be the Replicated Management Console host. The system load for these components is minor.

No matter which installation options you choose, you will use the Replicated GUI post-installation to:

Understand the Installation Process

  1. Review and complete the Pre-Install requirements.

  2. If installing on multiple nodes, decide which node will host the Replicated Management Console.

  3. If using an airgapped environment, set up for an Airgapped Installation.

  4. Install the Replicated Clienton a host.

  5. Log In to the Replicated Management Console and set the Replicated Management Console Password.

  6. Configure Sysdig Admin Password and Basic Settings.

  7. Configure Sysdig Application Advanced Settings (if necessary).

  8. Complete Distributed Install Steps (if necessary).

  9. Restart the host(s).