On-Premises Installation

When planning to install Sysdig products on-premises, enterprises should:

  • Organize resources for a test environment and the production environment.

  • Understand the architecture, component requirements, an installation options in Architecture & System Requirements.

  • Review the supported platforms and orchestrators. You can find the the official matrix in the onprem-install-docs repository. Click the on-premise version and navigate to the release notes page to view the supported platforms.

    See the installation instructions in the onprem-install-docs repository.

  • Decide the orchestrator to install Sysdig on.

  • Consider the Single Sign On (SSO) options and plan accordingly. See Authentication and Authorization (On-Prem Options).

Oversight Services for Installations and Upgrades

As part of our continued focus on our customers, Sysdig is now offering oversight services for all on-premise installs and upgrades. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM), in conjunction with our support organization and Professional Services [where applicable], will work with you to:

  • Assess your environment to ensure it is configured correctly.

  • Review your infrastructure to validate if appropriate storage capacities are available.

  • Review and provide recommendations for backing up your Sysdig data.

  • Work with you to ensure our teams are ready to assist you during the install and upgrade process.

  • Provide the software for the installation.

  • Be available during the process to ensure a successful deployment.

You can always review the process in the documentation in the repository or the documentation site.