This page describes the tools Sysdig offers to help its users solve potential issues on their own.

Access Self-Help Tools

Click the icon in the Sysdig Monitor UI to access the self-help tools (boxed in green, below).

Try these before reaching out to Support.

Documentation (Support Website)

When in doubt, check the user guides first.

Within the Sysdig Monitor

menu, click Support Website to reach a landing page for each of the documentation sets, as well as a link to submit a support ticket.


Sysdig Monitor has several built-in walkthroughs available to acquaint users with the interface and to get started creating dashboards and alerts.

Click Walkthroughs to access them from within the Sysdig Monitor


The current walkthroughs include:

  • Dashboards Overview

  • Alerts In-Depth

  • Dashboards In-Depth

  • Explore Overview

Training Sessions

Sysdig provides regular training webinars to assist new and experienced users with Sysdig products. To review and sign up for upcoming training sessions:

  1. Click the Information (question mark) icon in the management section of the left-hand sidebar:

  2. Select Training Session to open the webinar list in a new browser tab.

Support Chat

Sysdig Monitor users can access chat support with Sysdig employees through the web interface.

To access the chat function:

  1. Click the Chat (message bubble) icon in the bottom right corner of the Sysdig Monitor interface:

  2. Click the New conversation button to start a new chat, or the See previous link to review previous chat logs.

Troubleshooting Tips

Before calling Sysdig support, check for agent connectivity problems yourself, using on the tips on this page.

Problem: A host is not showing up in the user interface

Problem: You see “Error, connection_manager: Lost connection” messages in the agent’s log file.

Possible Cause: Suspect agent connectivity problems and troubleshoot for those.

The agent log file is located at /opt/draios/logs/draios.log.

Perform the following checks and see if it solves your problem:

Check Licenses

Confirm that you have not used all available agent licenses.

The agent license count is available in the Settings > Subscription tab. Administrators can purchase additional agent licenses from that tab if needed.

Check Firewall

Confirm basic connectivity through your firewall:


Check Ports

Confirm the correct port is open through your firewall:

telnet 6443

In earlier versions, the Sysdig Agent connected to port 6666. This behavior has been deprecated, as the Sysdig agent now connects to port 6443.

Check MAC Addresses

Check for duplicate MAC addresses in your hosts.

When the agent starts, an entry in the /opt/draios/logs/draios.log file reports the host’s MAC:

2016-09-26 10:20:25.982, 2363, Information, machine id: a2:11:0b:84:11:21

Compare the logged MAC address to any existing reporting agents in the Explore tab using the Hosts & Containers hierarchy.

Check Access Key

Go to Settings > Agent Install to see the access key and confirm it is correct.

The Sysdig agent key is configured in the agent config file ( opt/draios/etc/dragent.yaml ). See also Understanding the Agent Config Files.

Upgrade the Sysdig Agent

The agent is routinely updated to include new features and resolve bugs. Many times problems can be resolved by upgrading the agent.

If Self-Help Fails

If you still experience issues, Contact Support.