Add Backend Files (On-Premises Only)

A support request for an on-premises installation may include support bundle files and application logs.

Both Replicated and Kubernetes orchestrators have facilities to create useful support bundle files. Create a bundle file using the appropriate section below and send it to Sysdig Support for suspected backend problems.

After generating the files, add them to the Support ticket you created. Review the file upload tips on that page.

For a Replicated Installation

If you are running the Sysdig Platform on-premises Replicated version, you can generate a complete support bundle from the Replicated Management Console Support tab.

  • Option 1:

    Go to the Support tab and click Download Support Bundle.

    It can take a minute or two for larger installations or those with more history.

    You should be prompted to save a file “replicated-support<#####>.tar.gz”.

  • **Option 2:**Issue the following shell command from the management host:

    replicated support-bundle `replicated apps | awk 'FNR == 2 {print $1}'`

    Collect the resulting tar.gzfile from the/tmpfolder.

For a Kubernetes Installation

If you are running the Sysdig Platform on-premises Kubernetes version, generate the application support bundle via a script that is provided in the Sysdig GitHub repository at

Prerequisite: The script uses jq (downloadable here).

Supply the script with the namespace, and optionally the context where Sysdig is deployed, and it will generate a tarball with backend logs and configuration information.

./scripts/ sysdigcloud

The version of the Sysdig Application is visible in the application’s container image files:

kubectl -n sysdigcloud get deployment sysdigcloud-api | grep sysdigcloud-backend

Last modified July 17, 2021