User Profile and Password

Access the User Profile page to review and perform necessary operations to configure users.

Access the User Profile Page

  1. Log in to Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure.

  2. Click the user menu from the bottom left corner of the screen.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select User Profile.

  5. Review the settings and perform actions given below.

Review User Details

The current user’s login email address, subscription type, current team, and role on that team are listed in the User Info section.

Customize Appearance

Customise the appearance of Sysdig UI by selecting from the different themes in the drop-down menu.

Change Administator Settings

This option is visible to adminstators only.

If logged on as Administrator, you can access Admin Privileges on this page which apply globally.

Hide Agent Install: Toggle the slider to hide the Agent Access Key link in the Settings menu from non-admin users.

Change Your Password

Use Reset Password to change the password associated with the currently logged-in user.

Requirements: Minimum 8 characters. Not identical to the last password used.

Recommendations: Follow the most up-to-date recommendations by NIST with an emphasis on length and uniqueness.

Enable Beta Functions from Sysdig Labs

Toggle the feature settings listed under Sysdig Labs to enable and disable specific beta functionalities in your installation. Data that has already been stored will not be affected by toggles.

If there are no beta features, Sysdig Labs will not be displayed.

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A valid security token is required to use custom scripts and applications with the Sysdig API.