Troubleshooting Notification Channels

Sysdig will notify you when a notification channel is failing and is unable to deliver notifications.

The notifications will be sent via two mediums:

  • Sysdig Event, visible in the Events module
  • Email

The message will include details of why the channel is failing.

After 5 failed attempts, the notification channel will be automatically disabled.

What Causes a Notification Failure?

Notification failures occur when the system attempts to deliver a notification and receives any 4xx HTTP errors, with the exception of the following: 409 CONFLICT, 408 TIMEOUT, 423 LOCKED, 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS.


Internal Event

In Sysdig Monitor: A Sysdig Event will occur in your Events feed titled “Warning: Notification attempt [Attempt #] of 5 through channel [Channel Name] failed”.


You will receive a delivery failure notice via an email titled, “Warning: Notification attempt [Attempt #] of 5 through channel [Channel Name] failed”, which will be sent to all the administrators.