Configure a Google Chat Channel

Sysdig Monitor allows you to send alerts to Google Chat using webhook integration. For example, you can configure an alert to notify on-call personnel on Google Chat when a Kubernetes cluster in your infrastructure goes down.

You require a Google Workspace account with access to Google Chat in order to integrate Sysdig Monitor webhook with Google Chat service.

Configure Google Chat:

To automatically push Sysdig Monitor alerts to the Google Chat, register the web hook in the Google Chat space you want to receive messages, then copy the URL:

  1. Open Google Chat in a web browser.

  2. Create a Google Chat space you want to use for the webhook notifications.

  3. Select the space that you have created for the webhook.

  4. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the space, and select Manage Webhooks.

  5. Specify the following:

    1. Name: Specify the name for your webhook. For example, Sysdig

    2. Avatar URL: Specify the URL to the avatar image you might want to add to the webhook.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Copy the full webhook URL.

Configure Sysdig Monitor

  1. Complete steps 1-3 in Set Up a Notification Channel to log in to the Sysdig UI.
  2. Select Google Chat Channel.
  3. Enter the URL copied from Google Chat space.
  4. Specify a unique channel name.
  5. Shared With: Choose whether to apply this channel globally (All Teams) or to a specific team from the drop-down.
  6. Click Save.