Microsoft Teams Notifications

Sysdig Monitor supports sending an alert notification to Microsoft teams. Microsoft Teams has different types of integrations for third-party applications, of which Sysdig supports Incoming Webhooks.

About Incoming Webhooks

Incoming Webhooks are a type of Connector in Teams that provide a simple way for an external app to share content in team channels. They are often used as tracking and notification tools. Microsoft Teams provides a unique URL to which you can send a JSON payload with the message that you want to POST, typically in a card format. Cards are UI containers that contain content and actions related to a single topic and are a way to present message data in a consistent way.

You will need to enter the URL that you copied from the Connector. Sysdig will format a message by using a custom card template and send it to the channel. The message will show up as a new notification in the Microsoft application.


  • Have the destination URL handy. You can copy it from the Connectors > Incoming Webhook window on the Microsoft Teams UI. For more information, see Add an incoming webhook to a Teams channel.

  • Webhooks via HTTPS work only if a signed or valid certificate is in use.

Enable Microsoft Teams

  1. Complete steps 1-3 in Set Up a Notification Channel and choose Microsoft Teams.

  2. Enter the configuration options:

    • URL: The destination URL you have copied from Microsoft Teams UI.

    • Channel Name: Add a meaningful name for your Microsoft Teams channel.

    • Enabled: Toggle on or off.

    • Notification options: Toggle for notifications when alerts are resolved or acknowledged.

    • Test notification: Toggle to be notified that the configured URL is working.

    • Shared With: Choose whether to apply this channel globally. All Teams or to a specific team from the drop-down.

  3. Click Save.