Google Cloud Authentication (OpenID)

You can configure Google Cloud Authentication as an OpenID authentication mechanism in Sysdig. You may need to adjust the procedures based on the specifics of your environment.


Review OpenID Connect (SaaS) before you begin.

Configuring Google Cloud

  1. Log in to your organisation’s Google Cloud as a user with necessary privileges to configure Credentials.

  2. From the Navigation menu, select API & Services > Credentials.

  3. From the Create Credentials menu, select OAuth client ID and continue with the on-screen instructions.

  4. When creating OAuth client ID, select Web application as application type, enter the name of the web client of your choice.

  5. In Authorized Redirect URIs enter the correct Redirect URLs from OpenID Connect (SaaS)

  6. Select Create to create the application.

  7. When the OAuth client is created, note the Client ID and Client secret, then click OK.

Configuring Sysdig

  1. Open Settings -> Authentication, then navigate to OpenID tab in Connection Settings section.

  2. Set the Client ID and Client secret to the values obtained from Google Cloud.

  3. Set Issuer URL to

  4. Enable Metadata Discovery.

  5. Click Save Settings.