Google OAuth (SaaS)

This guide is specific to cloud-based (SaaS) Sysdig environments. If you are configuring an On-Premises Sysdig environment, refer to Google OAuth (On-Prem) instead.

In the SaaS environment, Google users have the option to log in via Google OAuth.

As the SaaS platform is preconfigured to permit such logins, environments that already use Google services (such as G Suite) may find this the most convenient approach for simplified login.

Enable Google OAuth

Since Google OAuth is pre-configured by Sysdig, the administrator needs only select it as the chosen Authentication option to enable it.

  1. Log in to Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure as administrator and select Settings.

  2. Select Authentication.

    (Select the Google OAuth tab if you want to see the preconfigured (un-editable) settings. )

  3. Select Google OAuth from the Enabled Single Sign-On dropdown and click Save Authentication.

  4. Repeat for Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure, if you want to enable on both applications.

User Experience

Note the following requirements for successful Google OAuth login:

  • The user must have already logged in successfully at least once to your environment (such as via email-based Invitation and having set an initial password)

  • The user’s login username in the Sysdig platform must precisely match the user’s Google email address (that is, it cannot be a shortened/altered Google email alias)

For such a user to log in via Google OAuth, click the Log in with Google button.

If the user’s browser has not already successfully authenticated via Google and/or has multiple Google profiles known by their browser, they will be presented a Google page to select a profile and enter a password (if necessary) before being redirected back to your Sysdig environment.

See also User and Team Administration for information on creating users.