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    Disable Password Authentication (SaaS)

    Sysdig Platform supports disabling password-based authentication on both SaaS and on-prem deployments. As an administrator (super administrator for on-prem), you can use an API to achieve it. This configuration is applicable to those who use single sign-on.

    For On-Prem environments, see Disable Password Authentication.

    SaaS Deployments

    As an administrator, perform the following:

    1. Get the Sysdig Platform settings:

      See SaaS Regions and IP Ranges and identify the correct domain URL associated with your Sysdig application and region. For example, for Sysdig Monitor on US East is:


      For other regions, the format is https://<region> Replace <region> with the region where your Sysidig application is hosted. For example, for Sysdig Monitor in the EU, you use

    2. Find the ID of the active SSO setup:

    3. Retrieve the specific settings associated with the SSO setup:


      The setting is displayed in a JSON file.

    4. In the JSON file, change the following from false to true:

      settings/forbidPasswordLogin: True
    5. Update the setting with a request to the same URL with the same JSON, with the changed parameter. URL depends on the type of deployment.