Privacy Settings

Sysdig facilitates customized privacy options, both for organisations and individuals. In the Privacy Settings page, you can opt in or out of sharing usage data with Sysdig. This may be required to comply with enterprise policy or security standards.

Review Privacy Settings

To review and modify your privacy settings:

  1. From the user menu, navigate to Settings > Privacy Settings.

  2. Toggle the sliders for the options listed below. Administrators can change data settings globally, while individual users can adjust the data being sent from their accounts.

The Privacy Settings page in Sysdig Secure.

  • Global User Settings: Sign in as an administrator to access these settings. You can enable sending usage data and crash reports from all users back to Sysdig. Users can individually override this by opting out.

  • Individual User Settings: Non-admin users can access these settings. If administrators have opted in through the global settings, individuals may opt out of sharing their own data using this option.

  • Customer Data Analytics (Secure Only): Sign in as an administrator to enable and disable the transfer of data used for analytics. This option is only available in Sysdig Secure.

  • Hard Opt-Out Option: Contact Sysdig Support to opt out of data sharing in a way that can’t be overridden even by admins, if needed to comply with particular enterprise security standards.

If you are logged in to Sysdig Monitor as an administrator, you may notice there are two unlabelled pairs of sliders. The first pair are your individual user settings, and the second are the global settings.