Agent Access Keys

The Agent Access Keys page provides:

  • Non-admin users the ability to retrieve the default access key.
  • Admin users the ability to create more access keys, define limits, reservations, metadata, and assign keys to the teams.

Non-Admin Users

The Agent Access Keys page provides a shortcut to copy the default agent access key which is hidden behind asterisks. You can also unhide it and retrieve.

Administrators can choose to hide this page from non-admin users. For more information, see Change Admin Settings.

Retrieve the Agent Access Key

To retrieve the agent access key:

  1. Log in to Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure as an administrator.

  2. Select Settings > Agent Access Keys.

  3. Click the view icon to see the access key.

  4. Click the copy icon to copy the access key.

Admin Users

In addition to viewing the default access key, the admin users have the ability to view and manage additional access keys.

Connecting Agents with Access Key

Here are two ways to connect agents using an access key:

  • Limit: The maximum number of agents allowed to connect with this access key. This number can be greater than the number of agents available in the license (reservation + on-demand).

  • Reservation: The number of agent licenses that will always be available to this access key. This will directly count against the maximum available number of agent licenses. Reservations cannot exceed the maximum number of available agent licenses.

View Access Keys

The Access Keys overview page provides a list of all the available access keys.

You can see the following statistics:

  • Agent keys: The total number of available access keys.

  • Agent keys enabled: The number of access keys that are enabled.

  • Total agents limit: The sum of all the defined limits.

  • Total agents reservation: The sum of all defined reservations.

  • Total agents connected: The sum of all currently connected agents.

Access Key Details

Selecting a row from the list shows the following information for the selected access key:

  • Status
  • Team
  • Metadata
  • Agents limit
  • Agents reservation

On the top right-hand side of the view, you can use the appropriate icons to edit or copy the access key, or close the panel.

Create and Edit Access Key

On the The Access Keys overview page, select the three-dot menu corresponding to an access key to:

  • Copy the agent key
  • Edit the agent key
  • Delete the agent key

Only disabled agent keys can be deleted.

When you add or edit an access key, provide the following information:

  • Status: The access key status toggle and indication.

  • Limit: Specify the maximum number of agents.

  • Reservation: Specify the reserved agent count.

  • Team: Assign an access key to a team.

    You can track their usage in the Dashboards with the label team_name for sysdig_agent_info metric.

  • Metadata: You can add key-value pair for each access key. Click the Add new field option to do so. You can assign up to 20 key-value pairs for each access key.

Enable and Disable the Access Key

You can enable or disable an access key directly from the Access Keys overview page by selecting the toggle from the Enabled column. Selecting the toggle shows a confirmation dialog to avoid accidental enabling or disabling of access keys.