Access and Secrets

The Access and Secrets section concerns topics related to user permission, authentication, and data security. Using these settings, you can manage the permission given to individual users, and the manner in which their identity is authenticated. The majority of these settings are relevant only to administrators, but individual users will find these settings useful in finding their personal access key, and in adjusting their privacy settings. Follow the links below to explore the topics in this section:

User and Team Administration explores how to manage users, teams, roles and permissions.

Authentication and Authorization outlines the different options for user authentication through protocols such as Okta and OneLogin, as well as customization options, for example, session expiration times.

Agent Access Keys provides the ability to view, create and edit access keys.

Certificates Management provides an interface for administrators to manage Certificate Authority (CA) certificates that are used for content exported from the Sysdig environment.

Login Message allows administrators to create a customised banner for users when they log in. This could be for everything from a seasonal greeting to a notice about new security policies.

Group Mappings allows you to connect groups from your identity provider (IdP) to the roles and teams associated with your Sysdig account.

Privacy Settings allows administrators to set global policies on the sharing of usage data with Sysdig, and for individual users to opt in or out of such policies.