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Topics in This Section

Sysdig is a container monitoring and security platform that provides visibility into containerized applications running on a variety of cloud and cloud-native platforms, including Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS. It helps you troubleshoot issues, secure your applications, and meet compliance requirements.


The topics in this section are designed for platform administrators who may install Sysdig Monitor and Secure on-premises, deploy and configure the agents, and configure, administer, and troubleshoot the environment.

Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor is part of Sysdig’s cloud-native intelligence platform providing security, monitoring, cost-optimization, and forensics in a cloud and container-friendly architecture. Sysdig Monitor offers Kubernetes and cloud monitoring with a managed Prometheus service.

Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure is part of Sysdig’s container intelligence platform. Sysdig provides a unified platform to deliver security, monitoring, and forensics in a cloud, container and microservices-friendly architecture integrated with Docker and Kubernetes. Sysdig Secure takes a services-aware approach to protect workloads while bringing deep cloud and container visibility, posture management (compliance, benchmarks, CIEM), vulnerability scanning, forensics, threat detection and blocking.

Developer Tools

Sysdig provides a set of tools to programmatically manage Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure. This includes Sysdig Python Software Development Kit, Platform CLI, and REST APIs to conveniently automate configuration through scripts.

Release Notes

Sysdig Monitor & Sysdig Secure Release Notes

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