Create Panels

Create a New Panel

Refer to Configure Dashboards for more information on configuring a pre-built dashboard.

To add a new panel to a dashboard:

  1. On the Dashboards tab, select the relevant dashboard from the left-hand panel.

  2. Click the Add Panel (cross) icon.

    If you are configuring a blank dashboard, the available panel types will be displayed and can be selected directly, rather than clicking the Add Panel icon:

  3. Select a panel type:

  4. Optional: Click the panel name to change it. Once the name is edited, click elsewhere in the panel to save the change.

  5. Configure the relevant scope, segmentation, and metrics for the panel.

    Refer to the Panel Types section for information on each type of panel.

  6. Click the Save button to create the new panel.

Duplicate a Panel

Hover over the desired panel, click the Settings (ellipsis) icon, and select Duplicate Panel.