Amazon SNS Notifications

Sysdig Monitor integrates easily with AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS).

On the AWS side:

To automatically push Sysdig Monitor alerts to the SNS topic of your choice:

  1. From the AWS console , open the SNS management console

  2. Create a new topic (if needed)

  3. Select the topic in the list

  4. From the menu All Topic Actions at the top, open View/Edit Topic Policy

  5. In the Publishers section, select Only these AWS users and enter the Sysdig Monitor account ID: 273107874544

  6. From the Topic Details page, copy the Topic ARN and paste it here

For further information about AWS SNS, refer to the AWS documentation.

For SNS notification, you can click the 'help' button for tips on setting up your SNS topic.

You will need to allow publishing rights to the Sysdig Monitor account ID: 273107874544. This can be done by creating a new policy on your SNS topic in AWS Console as shown in the below images:

  1. Select "Edit topic policy" as shown below from "Other topic actions."

  2. In the "Basic view" tab of the "Edit topic policy" dialog, select "Only these AWS users" from the publisher's list and enter the Sysdig ID.


In the Sysdig Monitor UI:

  1. Complete steps 1-3 in Set Up a Notification Channel to log in to the Sysdig UI and select Amazon SNS Topic.

  2. Enter the Topic created on the AWS side, along with a Channel Name, Enablement, and Notification toggles as appropriate.

  3. Click Save.