Agent Install: Kubernetes | GKE | OpenShift | IBM

This document describes how to install a Sysdig agent container in a Kubernetes environment. This document assumes you will run the agent container as a Kubernetes pod, which then enables the Sysdig agent automatically to detect and monitor your Kubernetes environment.

It is relevant for any platform where Kubernetes is deployed, including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).

You use DaemonSets to deploy agents on every node in your Kubernetes environment. Once deployed, Sysdig Monitor automatically begins monitoring all of your hosts, apps, pods, and services and automatically connects to the Kubernetes API server to pull relevant metadata about the environment. If licensed, Sysdig Secure launches with default policies that you can view and configure to suit your needs. You can access the front-end web interfaces for Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure immediately.


  • A supported distribution. See Host Requirements for Agent Installation for details.

  • Kubernetes v 1.2+: The agent installation on Kubernetes requires using DaemonSets, which were not available in early versions of Kubernetes.

  • Sysdig account and access key: Request a trial or full account at and click the Activate Account button. You create a Sysdig user name and password.

    The Welcome wizard provides an access key.


Manual installation is no longer supported in a Kubernetes environment. Please contact Sysdig support if you need assistance with manual steps.

Complete the Installation

Choose the appropriate link to complete the installation steps:

Kubernetes Agent Installation Steps

GKE Agent Installation Steps

OpenShift Agent Installation Steps