The topics in this section are designed for platform administrators who may install Sysdig Monitor and Secure on-premises, deploy and configure the agents, and configure, administer, and troubleshoot the environment.

Administering Sysdig Platform

This section helps you navigate to the topics of administering the Sysdig user and notification management.

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Super Admin Management

Locate the super admin, super user, and login tokens.

User and Team Administration

Understand Sysdig's users, teams, and role permissions.

Notifications Management

Add, edit, or delete a variety of notification channel types, and disable or delete notifications when they are not needed.

Find Your Customer ID and Name

Find customer ID for SaaS deployments.

Authentication and Authorization (SaaS)

Set up secure access control for SaaS deployments.

License Management

This section helps you navigate to the topics on License Management.

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Review your account status regarding payment tier and licensed numbers of agents, serverless agents, cloud accounts.

Troubleshooting Sysdig Platform

This section helps you troubleshoot on-premises and agent installation.

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Troubleshoot On-Prem Installations

Review general issues and troubleshooting tips for on-prem installations. Troubleshoot On-Prem Installations.

Troubleshoot Sysdig Agent

Browse troubleshooting tips for Sysdig agents.

Contact Sysdig Support

Get help from Sysdig Support.

On-Premises Deployments

This section provides guidelines for deploying a Sysdig Platform on-premises.

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System Architecture

Understand the Sysdig Platform components and their relationships to each other and the environment.

System Requirements

Review the hardware components and software resources required to host the Sysdig Platform.

Installing Sysdig Platform On-Premises

When installing Sysdig Platform on-premises, follow the instructions specific to your environment. Where available, the Installer tool is the recommended option.

For release 3.6.0 and higher, this material has moved to version-specific folders in GitHub.

For legacy installation instructions, see On-Premises Installation.

For information on upgrading environments up to version 3.5.1, see On-Premises Upgrades. For upgrading beyond 3.6.0, there will be version-specific folders in GitHub.

Administration for Sysdig Platform On-Premises

This section helps you navigate to the topics on securing the Sysdig Platform components.

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Manage User Profile and Password

Access the current user's login credentials, team, and role, and retrieve the API token to use with custom scripts or applications.

Securing User Passwords

Secure user credentials for Sysdig Platform components.

Authentication and Authorization (On-Prem Options)

Set up secure access control for the on-prem deployments.